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Jacob Ciccarelli
Growth Consultant


acquistion; led A top Team for 2 yrs
scaled; from $<1M to $10M+
About Me

I'm Jacob, a high-impact sales & business consultant

As a proud Catholic father of four and a seasoned SaaS sales leader, I've spent a decade scaling high-performance teams and fostering talent development, notably driving the growth of three startups and mentoring over 50 professionals to promotions.

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Consulting services for growing businesses

Sales Structure and Process

Sales Structure and Process

Develop sales SOPs, segmentations, and rules of engagement to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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GTM & Outbound Strategy

GTM & Outbound Strategy

Craft comprehensive go-to-market strategies to effectively reach target markets and drive revenue growth.

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Sales Talent

Sales Talent

Identify, recruit, and develop top sales talent to create a high-performing sales team that drives success.

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Why Me

Working towards one single goal: growing you and your business

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Rooted in Catholic values, I prioritize integrity, compassion, and stewardship in every business relationship. My faith-driven approach ensures that growth is achieved ethically and sustainably, aligning with your core principles. By choosing me, you partner with someone committed to not just business success, but to the holistic growth of individuals and communities, fostering a legacy of positive impact...

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Results that speak for themselves

"Jacob helped us scale our sales org considerably at Whip Around over several years. His dedication to the sales science is second to none and he drove outcomes across the business through process improvement and coaching.

Ultimately, the highlight of working with Jacob was the enormous impact he had on our company culture. He took the energy levels and team alignment to new levels that flowed through the whole business. I look forward to finding a way to work with Jacob again in the future!"

Tim B.

"Jacob is an exemplary leader who has an outstanding ability to build and lead a high-performance sales team. His unique skillset allows him to create a winning culture focusing on process, personal and professional growth, and most importantly accountability. He instills a sense of purpose and drive in his team, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the company’s goals.

The passion and consistency that Jake brings to the office every day has a positive influence on every aspect of a business from the top down."

Tom Z.

"Every day working with Jacob was exciting, refreshing, and full of growth. If your company or team isn't where you'd like them to be, I recommend reaching out to Jacob to discuss his model for driving towards the WIN.

He has the ability to turn any group and individual into not only winners, but also into future leaders. I've witnessed countless promotions from his direct team and his rookies able to step up and fill those shoes immediately due to excellent coaching. Culture is everything."

Chelsey R.
Vice President

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