Jacob Ciccarelli

I’ve learned that when individuals (and teams) work relentlessly to pursue the next best version of themselves, that they will see and attain unimaginable results... achieving the impossible.

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About Me

The story and experience of Jacob Ciccarelli

The Mission & brand

Sales and marketing have become my craft, but people development is my true passion. Over a decade ago, I embarked on a journey in B2B SaaS sales, diving into the worlds of Fleet and Manufacturing IoT. As I climbed from BDR to VP of Sales, I simultaneously nurtured my growing family, now blessed with four incredible kids. The milestones in my career are vivid memories: leading a top sales team to a $2.4B unicorn acquisition, propelling a NZ-based startup from seed funding to post-Series B, and doubling another startup's growth in just 18 months.

Yet, the most rewarding part of my journey has been guiding over 50 team members to promotions. I’ve seen firsthand how relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth can achieve the seemingly impossible. People, systems, and culture are at the heart of success. To God be all the glory for the journey so far and the adventures ahead! ✝️🙏

my Mission
My  Past companies

Culture was everything

From a $2.4B acquisition, to scaling a startup by 4,000% in less than 4 years, I've had the privilege scaling some of the most successful teams in each company's respective industry.


Go with confidence

Our logo, featuring a feathered pen, honors St. Bede, who's credited with coining "Loedan" meaning "to go" or "to travel." St. Bede symbolizes wisdom and leadership, guiding our expertise. The logo also pays tribute to New Zealand rugby, reflecting values of teamwork, resilience, and strength from my lifelong passion for the sport.

Loedan is a root of "leadership". With over seven years leading successful teams and as a Maxwell Certified Leader, I focus on uncovering root causes and driving progress. We embody the spirit of "going" and "taking," leading clients on a journey to success...

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