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Frequently Asked Questions

Are discovery calls free?

Yes, our 15-minute discovery calls are absolutely free. During these calls, we will take the opportunity to briefly discuss your needs, objectives, and any specific challenges your business is facing. The goal of this initial conversation is to discern if an hourly consulting program is the right fit for you and how we can best support your sales effectiveness journey. Whether you're looking for a quick consultation or ongoing support, our hourly rates provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to meet your business needs.

Why hourly consulting rates?

According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, 71% of businesses that use hourly consulting for sales coaching see a significant increase in their sales performance within six months. This approach allows you to tailor the coaching to your immediate needs, optimize your investment, and adjust the level of support as your business evolves. By opting for hourly consulting, you ensure that you receive focused, actionable advice that directly impacts your bottom line, making it the best option for dynamic and growing businesses.

How does Loedan's sales staffing work?

Our sales staffing plan offers flat rates with no upfront costs, and we only charge if we successfully place a candidate. The rates are $5,000 for Business Development Representatives (BDRs), $7,500 for Account Executives (AEs), and $10,000 for Sales Directors. This fee covers the entire process, including sourcing, vetting, and integrating candidates into your team. Our goal is to match you with highly qualified professionals who can drive your sales efforts and contribute significantly to your company's success.

Do you work with non-Catholic companies?

Absolutely! At Loedan, we work with companies from all backgrounds and industries. Our focus is on providing exceptional sales effectiveness solutions tailored to your unique needs, regardless of your company's specific beliefs or affiliations. We're committed to helping every client achieve their goals and reach new heights in their business journey.